That's weird.

The Donkervoort D8 track toy sound EXACTLY like the “Obey Tailgater” (Audi A6/A8 lookalike from GTA5).


The Donkervoort does use an Audi 5 cylinder engine, probably a variant of the one found in the TT RS.

There are some similarities in general tone between the D8 and the GTA car, but I wouldn’t say they sound exactly the same.

I suppose you’re right, it isn’t an exact match (poor choice of word on my part), but it’s close enough that I noticed immediately upon driving the Donker for the 1st time.

The D8 sounds slightly deeper, nice find though, wonder if any other car sounds similiar :p, it would be cool if there was a partnership between R* & T10, if a car was based on a Lambo Aventador for example, GTA could use T10’s Aventador sound file for it :p, just a suggestion cos I know GTA uses multiple cars for one model usually

I think Omega Doom touched on the truth in his post.

The D8 has an Audi engine, and the Tailgater is an Audi-clone, hence the similar sound (it’s likely R* sampled an Audi engine themselves, independent of PG/T10).