That's it, game over

Congratulations Team Forza, despite numerous reports of the complete farce that is multiplayer, despite reporting assorted players, the same issues of ramming, brake testing, outright cheating by cutting any corner still exist with the same people. The game is ruined by these people, and NOTHING gets done. Given that I’ve absolutely no faith in any rectifying of this in the next iteration, it is goodbye to the franchise altogether. Add in the disaster that is Horizon, then what is the point in spending any money on something you know will be just a slightly prettier version with the same basic flaws.

So it’s goodbye from me, FM7 is away to be uninstalled, PC1&2 plus AC will take the place, for you know the entire franchise is in a VERY bad place when Dakar Desert Rally gives a more enjoyable experience.

It’s been fun ride, but unless there are GUARANTEES that these issues, never mind the inconsistencies in track limits, are sorted, then there’s no point in going further when the only way you can actually get anything out of the game is single player career and rivals (and rivals being on a constant loop of the same cars and tracks despite the massive possible combinations possible is beyond tiresome), with the rest just being full of utter idiots.


Tootles pip.

Nice rant. Will make no difference but good for you getting it off your chest

If I’m openly saying it, think of how many others have also decided the same and said nothing. You think that’s good for the franchise?

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I for one am not getting on this band wagon for Forza motorsport 7.; are same people that made FH5 have not done a single update to the mainland map, AI in free roam has not been touched with promises to fix that is going nowhere since it’s release. I see no reason to pay up front or even take part in useful discussion because this company doesn’t care. The lack of attention to detail doesn’t exist I’m, afraid. If you want to get people like me on your side then do the right thing and fix what you have because getting shafted is going to get you nothing. Marking problems as “SOLVED” and then walking away from them tells people who you and your franchise really are. 16 months in and no second DLC. I feel irreversible damage to the Forza Horizon franchise has occurred.

Forza Motorsport 7 I believe will be a spectacular failure IMO, to think console players will be able to drive a straight line without bumping, crashing into each other, is pipe a dream. It’s going to be Wreckfest without the damage. Open world freeroam racing is the future IMO, too bad blindness fogs the reality of taking what you have in the right direction. I don’t care about the track scans or sound or the cars when the whole premise is fundamentally flawed. Wheel drivers with console drivers, supposed drive clean laps, good luck with that. This will be game over before it starts.

No, if you looked you’d see similar posts not happy with FM info thus far. You are far from the only vocal critic.

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T10 don’t make Forza horizon. And playground games don’t make Forza Motorsport

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I know, same as you see people pointing out how many that used to be regulars have just stopped and are no more in the game.

You’ll always get idiots who think it’s acceptable to ram you when on an OVAL, but the point is that you see the same repeatedly by the same people, you get sick of it and highlight it as you are told to instead of retaliating, and absolutely nothing gets done. People make mistakes, that’s a given, and we’ve all been guilty of that, but I’m talking repeat offenders who think they’re playing NFS. That sucks all enjoyment out of the game completely, as does the constant loop of repeating exactly the same monthly rivals events despite the plethora of track combinations and cars available. So, as I say, what’s the point when you know the next iteration, if and when it actually appears, will be no better?

The worst part? Absolutely no comment from T10, etc, regarding this and the many other flaws despite people being vocal to try and do something to save a franchise currently in a death spiral.


I know, an old thread but wanted to say those of us with wheels and decent cockpits will just go back to AC, AMS2, PC1 and 2, etc except iracing- dont need to pay for an actual race car price to race in my living room :wink:.
Natural selection, Darwinism will sort it out.

Don’t forget, FM7 and the FM series as a whole passed away in September 2021. Also, if FM2023 is worse than FM6 and 7, then it’s the same thing: Game Over

I’m curious…if the FM Series passed away in September 2021, how can there be an FM2023? Or is there some sort of reincarnation going? Of course it could simply be Schrodinger’s cat: Both alive and dead at the same time :thinking:

There is some sort of reincarnation going. Forza Motorsport is making a comeback later this year, but let’s just wait for June for the announcement.

The new FM does not have to be worse to flop, it merely has to be a prettier version of 7 with the same flaws regarding collision detection, which is something that covers everything from vehicle content to position on track. If you can’t get the detection right to make track limits constant, you’ve failed. If you have a situation where you are flagged for touching another car when that happened behind you between two or more others, the game has failed. If you get flagged because someone over 50 yds, but withing a certain time difference, ahead runs wide, the game has failed. These are base issues that run through the entire Forza franchise as I’ve said about checkpoint flags in FH where sometimes you can co inside a flag by over 2 feet and be clear, others you miss by what would be an inch and you’ve got the 4 second warning. Not sorting that out, and there is a huge list of things that should be rubbed out, but making everything prettier will only confirm “style over substance” and a further decline in the entire franchise.

The franchise seems fine to me. I think you’re just very opinionated (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

What is so fine about a franchise with zero games on sale currently?

Me , i’m banned for 20 years , in 4 accounts , and the x box series x , just bought for forza , ish banned too , the whole thing is , please get a ban appeal , and you , you realize wish that you have to quit , lol . o/

They could fix this if they allowed for player controlled open races , where the host sets the rules and game play and can decided who can stay in the room and who gets kicked out . Before FM 4 they had these player controlled rooms and it worked perfect you could take collisions off so rammers would end up smashing into walls you could put damage on full so bad drivers would total their cars you could pick the track you wanted to race on , it was your room you called the shots and if someone didnt like it they were free to enter a race that had the rules you liked . Seems the developers thought this was too good of a thing and changed all that wich is why You haven’t seen me in a public race since FM 3 , If I can’t create my own public room and set the rules then I aint playing .

For me to even like the game this what they will have to do :

1 Get rid of the storefronts and have car actions only .

2 Have no limits on what people can set their starting bid at .

3 Allow people to gift cars to who ever they want .

4 have player controlled community races where the person who starts it sets all the restrictions and options .

5 In Career mode the race restrictions are based on class not division .

Unfair drivers are in every game. And the race regulations systems that are in Beta in FM7 and were part of the last couple game updates back then after Chris Esaki took over are a great step in the right direction and the new FM will have a final version of those systems.