That 5 Drivatars & can I change the opponents cars thread

Just an update for you guys asking above. At this point in time on FM7 you can not add ANY drivatars to the online private lobbies. Turn 10 seem to have continued their path of removing previous features - I guess the only thing you can do is show your disdain by not buying the game in the first place if this is a factor for you.

My understanding is. It most goes by what the gamer owned. So it have find drivatr that it owner had in it game. So there has be a hireing system in place. And with that. They should get some bonus credit for being hired for a race. I think there more to it. But that base plan bring it back.

Look at FM4 and then compare it to this game Turn 10. look at all the features that you took out then put them back in the game because they were GOOD.

Also I think the crashing is coming from those stupid animations, no one asked for them, just seeing the map that’s being raced on and who’s using what car and the grid order is enough.

It would also be nice to be able to make adjustments to tuning in multiplayer lobbies too, not buying parts but just tuning.