Thanks Turn 10 for "A" class no collision! More real racing imo.

Thanks again for adding another class. I wish b class was still an option. I guess i wish all class with non collisions were an option. Time to tune for A class. Thanks again for what i consider real racing no hits in first turn!

Great !

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and no great passes.
Another good lobby for hot lapping.


If it makes people happy thats the main thing.

Whether collisions are on or off, its all good.


You should know that’s exactly the part that caused a massive argument last time.

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That is why i put “imo” in the title everyone has one. We are all welcome to agree or disagree.

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And you wanted to start another argument thread…


Thats why i put “imo” if you reread :slight_smile:

Alright. As long as people have fun, it’s all good. :slight_smile:

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I read it. It could have been a simple thank you thread, adding your opinion opens it up for argument.

It could have been a lot of things. You do not have to post if you dont like what i said since you are offended. I did not mean to offend you for thanking turn 10.

This is the internet. Simply posting in itself opens everything up for argument. XD

I will admit though, my first thought upon reading the title was “fight thread”. Certain threads will always scream that without having to read them, lol.

But back OT. Thanks T10. Not big on A class myself, but the game isn’t custom tailored just for me, sooooo…(It really should be, but people just don’t seem to be able to get that fact. :stuck_out_tongue: J/K)

Seriously, good show T10.

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You’re just here to get people going huh…?

I recommend this thread for a lock, besides it the same exact thing as the previous thread for B class…

absolutely zero deference aside from the fact it’s a separate class.

This thread was intended for 1 reason, to get people going…

No it was to thank turn 10 and make others aware of a class non collision. You are wrong.

I guess you just couldn’t resist adding the fact that racing against ghosts is “real racing”… lol

Edit: oh sorry… In your opinion… As if that changes anything…

Well, yes…

The OP wanted to express an opinion, which was heatedly argued previously.

As one might expect, that is irresistible to plenty of people.

We’ll lock this thread, until someone wants to post pictures of his REAL car where he is racing at a REAL track.

Otherwise, no matter HOW you play this game, it is either “real racing” by your definition, or it is not “real racing” by someone else’s definition.

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