Thanks PGG / Turn 10 for wasting my time

Spent months building a list of car perks / masteries so I knew what cars to add to garage or sell back.
Now it’s all been changed, so now I’ve got no clue if my months of work is accurate or not.
Thanks a bunch for changing something that nobody wanted , asked for , and for totally wasting my time.


same here mate , i am day 1 player and have grinded countless hours filling in skill trees on over 100 cars and now i am scared to check. why should i spend countless hours again re checking to see if the devs have stuffed up something we didn’t asked or need them to change. this game is slowly dying a painful death.


Cheers for the support - guess they don’t even think about what people are doing before they go changing stuff that they hadn’t thought matters.
Also day1 player - paid a fortune for a broken game that just gets more broken with every “update”.
The day of death has already happened IMO.
At least mine was a more basic list than KP cos I found a few errors on his and only needed a few basic bits to decide on what cars were worth it or not and decided to just do my own. He must have spent 100s of hours on it (Massive input - Huge respect for detail) and must be GUTTED.


I know a lot of hardcore forza players have already given up on FH5 and gone back to FH4 and FH3. thats not good for a NEW game thats only been out 3 months.


Pretty much got BORED with FH5 after the first few weeks.
Still do FH4, 3 , 2 and even 1 if I’m feeling it.
At least in FH1 , 2 and 3 you still get real people online chatting instead of this useless schizzle they introduced into FH4 & 5 with Quickchat / Link. Nobody actually interacts anymore…

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The problem is that the number of players to have installed and started the game is continuing to increase so Playground will say there is nothing wrong with the game. As to hardcore players leaving the game (and possibly never returning), I can’t imagine they are bothered in the slightest…they knew the state the game was going to be in before release and knew it would drive loyal players away; they know each Update will drive more loyal players away. However, for every loyal player that leaves, there are probably 3 new players joining.

Loyalty means nothing to companies these days and certainly not to PGG…if it meant something to them, they wouldn’t have shuttered the Forza Hub (their excuse of player rewards being unbalanced was just laughable)…a handful of cars, even sold at the Auction House, generates a small amount of credits for the player vs the possible 1m+ a month from the Hub means players need to grind the game to get the credits adding to the “Time Played” statistic which is all Playground Management are interested in


The game launched for a few months now. All is green from the outside, pun intended. But not many will bother to continue. They will reach HOF and that’s it. Some will try multiplayer and the other events but quit when they will realize whats in the wild. Also the grass is grenner on the other side.:wink: When you have games in your library you cant afford not to play them if you pay every month.
Of course they show only the good numbers but we know better.

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Do you? because people keep buying release after release…

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same here, day one player and i have used skill points on 100+ cars and they refund me 94 points, what a joke!

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wow dude thats not cool. they refunded me around 800 points so if i was you i would submit a ticket. that doesn’t sound right.