Thanks for Winter - it's AWESOME!

Thank you so much for Winter, it’s absolutely brilliant - in gameplay and visuals.

I’m busting down all the dirt racings in the barn-found Ford Escort at the moment and it’s the most fun I had in the game so far, guess I found the sweet spot for me in this game.

First I thought, you would simply transfer snow physics and appeal from FH3 Blizzard DLC to FH4 for Winter season. Man, was I wrong! It’s so much better! The amazing lighting makes this my favourite season, be it a sunny afternoon with gold-glaring wet streets, a clear, star-filled night or a dark morning with heavy snowfall.

The snow and the road conditions are more convincing too. You have cleared wet mainroads, snowmuddy side roads, sections with firm snow, deep snow fields and frozen lakes. Transitions between the different types are more natural and gradual too.

You almost can sense the cold winter air and the coziness of the warm looking houses at night. I love it!

If you have got the Ford RS Cosworth barn find already, give Dirt Racing in winter a try (no tuning needed), it’s such a nice balanced machine for the job and tremendous fun! Also give more ordinary B-D cars go with cruising in stock tires and with turned off assists. You might find some unexpected joy in that. :smiley:

P.S. just saw a Gritting Service truck on the coast road, nice detail!