Thanks Devs and Marshals

i just want to thank the Forza dev team for coming up with the dumbest idea you have ever come up with… “The Marshal Program” get a bunch of children to run the marshal program.
Half the guys have never seen a race and have zero track awareness them selves and you expect them to make judgment calls on who gets banned. Ive been kick out of lobbies for destroying lobbies. why? Because your marshal couldnt keep up or thought it was unfair? i have no idea. Ive been playing this game since forza 1 and one of the few guys that can put top 5 times down with a wheel. i only post on here because the love i have had for this franchise over the years and you guys have literally crapped all over it. remove the marshal program and Hire a team. I know it will this post will get deleted. im ok with that. but it makes me feel better to let stupid people know they are stupid. have a nice day with your crappy 40k a year jobs.Losers

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