Thank You Turn 10 (A Disgruntled EA Customer)

This is said with literally no sarcasm intended. I mean it. None whatsoever. Don’t believe me? Read this:

I thank you for not being nearly as scummy as some other game companies out there. You could be if you wanted to, but you aren’t, and I thank you for that. Yes, you guys do sometimes miss a bug, or cause entire cars to disappear, but in general you guys really aren’t that bad. Maybe ruining the storefront and removing points drifting in Forza 5/H2 and banning people in Forza 4 for modifying bumpers, using glow paint, sending unicorn cars and the like was a little extreme, but one could see where you were coming from. It made at least a bit of sense that such things were not allowed, even if we didn’t always see eye to eye. Why am I telling you this? Well, here you go:

Today I was playing Madden 15. This was after a good 3 year long break from this historically terrible franchise. I decided that it was a good enough deal at $35, and I had heard good things from gaming sites. I’ll touch on those turds later. I started playing the game, and immediately I could feel how wrong the game was. Players on my team would move in slow motion as the other team’s defensive tackle successfully covered my 99 speed wide receiver. I saw an open receiver that was not being covered by a 300 pound monster, and by open man I mean a good 5 to 10 yards with no one near him. But suddenly, a wild middle linebacker appears. It’s not even like I missed him hiding in zone coverage. No, this guy booked it across the field to then jump in front (really it was through) my receiver to pick the ball. I was astounded, but not totally let down. Then I got the ball back and tried to run. Wow. I thought madden 12 sucked. There were gaps the size of semi-trucks, and yet my running back would stumble. I had to give up, because this was worse than torture.

Maybe Madden Ultimate Team would make up for some of the terrible qualities of the game. This highly touted game mode was a major selling point online, so I tried it out. Jean Girard in Talladega Nights touched on highlander in the same way I wish to about this game mode and ,by extension, this game in general. For those of you who never watched this movie, his eloquent words were this: “It sucked”. It’s as if every EA sports game has to suck just a little bit more than the previous versions. The previously subtle, yet obvious momentum scripting is now glaring and the lack of player input makes one wonder why they even bought an xbox one in the first place. And this game is made even worse by the extensive lag issues online. I pay for good internet speed. It isn’t great, but 20 MBps (Bytes, not bit) download and 10 MBps upload with 37 ms ping with an open NAT should mean a good connection, right? Wrong. Peer to peer connection is apparently the best way for this stupid game to connect players that may be on another continent. This lag makes even the simple act of calling your play extremely difficult.

Now, I’ll go back to the part where I complain about the scripted in game moments. Force your opponent into a 4th and 35 situation? Well, the guy you’re playing against somehow has momentum on his side from getting sacked three times in a row, so he now beats triple coverage into the endzone for that “le epic Madden moment”. His route? It was a streak. Not a route with any cuts or anything. It wasn’t even a fade with the throw in an undefendable position. It was a streak. Against three defenders. Thrown low and inside. On 4th and 35. Thanks, EA Sports. The only thing dropping the ball more than a fullback in this game is the development team.

I cannot believe that I bought this game, even if it was at a discount. I think NFL 2K1 on Dreamcast was better and overall more advanced than this pile of trash EA calls a game. Hell, E.T. was a better game, and it was made in less than five weeks and almost led to the death of the video game industry. Who is to blame for this crime against humanity? Well, it is mostly my fault if I’m being fair. I bought it, and this funds and enables a bad developer to come out with more poor games. I will also admit that one of the reasons I bought it is because I trusted professional game reviews more than I trusted actual purchasers and their first hand accounts of the suckage. This is problematic, because what is the point of a game reviewer that does it for a living if all they do is throw out a 4/5 or a 90/100 just for the game existing? It’s as if they have to give that game a high score to play ball (excuse the pun) with the large developers so they can continue lying to consumers to pretty much plug an inferior game. It’s almost as if the reviewers are allowed to basically advertise a game by a major dev so they can collect revenue from their clickbait-tier site. But enough of this pseudo-GamerGate stuff. I came here, on a forza forum, for a reason.

And that reason is to thank Turn 10 for making mistakes, but having the decency to try and fix those mistakes. That takes character. I know some people would laugh at this assertion, but when a company such as EA comes along and shoves their despotic yet successful model of business in everyone’s face, others take notes. Kudos to Turn 10 for not striving to be as bad as EA. Does this mean I’ll stop making fun of bugs or bad decisions by Turn 10 with somewhat snarky and passive-aggressive forum posts? Well no, but then again my gripes are ones stemming from a desire for perfection, as opposed to the desperate plea of a consumer that has been hosed around 10 or so times by the same company. Here’s to you, Turn 10. Don’t mess up any more than usual and you’ll have a fan for life.

P.S. I forgive you for the original Forza Horizon game. None of us are ever perfect, and sometimes severe mistakes lead us in a good direction.

I agree with you on most fronts. EA is a greedy cash-grabber that makes minimal effort to support (read as: bug-fix) their products. Turn 10 will fix game-breaking bugs as soon as they are discovered. The fix might not come out instantly, but they start looking at how to fix it right away. As for Forza Horizon 1, I think it was a great game. The volume of cars was a little disappointing and the map was way too small, but over all, it was a fantastic game, especially considering it was Playground Game’s first outing in Forzaland. PG has taken the feedback from FH1 and made FH2 that much better, so I think the two studios will continue to see greater success in the future.