Thank you for driving the Lykan's value into the dirt

As you all know the only place to sell a car in H3 is through the auction house. The latest forzathon gave everyone who completed a street race a free Hypersport. Now that the AH is floooded with folks dumping them off because they cant do a v12 swap on it the value of this vehicle has plummeted overnight. Please give us a way to sell cars in our garage without using the AH.

Maybe the big forza bank can use the credits that theyre skimming from the AH to buy our cars directly.

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What? This is called “supply and demand”.

This is what happens when game developers give away cars. Of course their value goes down. This is how supply and demand works. High supply and low demand.

You don’t know why people are selling theirs. A large percentage of the active community got one, so obviously those who don’t want to use it for whatever reason will sell it.

Welcome to life.


Are we complaining about free cars now? Omg our intelligence is deteriorating


No the reason is if you wanted to sell one and get most of your money back before this Event, It was possible, Now that almost 90% of the playerbase have earned it for free, people who bought it previously have to take the full price sale price as no one is interested, worded a bit confusing but still quite a controversial move

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Don’t buy cars that you don’t actually want, that way you won’t be so concerned about getting the credits back. Problem solved.


There is nothing controversial about it.

This is how an economy fluctuates.


Nowhere close to 90%. It is still a rare achievement, so unless less than 1% of total installs are still active, it is nowhere near 90%.

Give it a few weeks, price will go back up.



This point is further proven by [comment redacted by gag order under the new america leadership]


Maybe you should have sold any of these cars before the Forzathon started knowing that everyone and his dog were about to get one free.


That’s a chance you have to take when you buy anything with in game credits. The chance it may be discounted or given away for free later. On the flip side, I wasn’t able to play the game in the first month when the XP and skills cars were on the spins to be had for free. I had to pay 5m for the Jag and BMW together. People who won on spins will see that and say too bad for you. This is the same in reverse. You bought the car and used it all this time and now they are offering it for free. That’s life I guess. I can hope they reinstate the old HE cars for my own argument but I doubt they care.



Who cares? You make a ton of money in this game.


I do like the idea of simply avoiding the Auction House in general and just selling a car back to the Game like we use to be able throughout all of the other Forza’s. Sure you didn’t get top dollar but it was easy to get rid of unwanted cars.

Why are we complaining? It’s an opportunity to earn an expensive car for free.

That’s fine, I won’t buy any expensive cars just in case they give them away for free.

Alternatively, we could ask T10 politely if they would not put the cars up for grabs so that the minority that does have them doesn’t end up having a second copy.


+1 I actually haven’t driven the Lykan up until I received it for Forzathon due to the price (I don’t get on FH3 as much as I’d like so I can’t make back millions in a few hours). So personally I’m grateful to have received this car for free and I’ll certainly be keeping it.


This thread makes me want to go get it and sell it for as cheap as possible.

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Here’s an idea -

Go complain about it on the internet.

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I don’t know about some of you guys but I appreciate the opportunity to drive this car which I otherwise would not have had. Thank you T10. To the complainers, don’t bother.



there’s lots of supply, so the price go down, give it a month or two and people will stop selling it, and maybe it will drive the prices up again

Do we not all have bigger things to worry about??

protest at jfk with your people