Texture pop ups - clearly visible in replays

Brilliant product you have T10!

However, I happened to notice how the texture pop ups which were noticeable in FM3 and 5 are back. Not as evident in races, but replays, as soon as the camera angle changes only on specific areas of the track, you’ll see a texture loading half a second later.

I understand this is how the game’s texture compression engine works - its the same issue from FM3 replay on Sebring full or say on Yas Marina in FM5 going into the first two straights and left handers after the hairpin.

Anyway, I don;t suppose this can be resolved with an update?

And please bring back the good stuff sound-wise from FM5. Engines are quiet and you don’t get to hear cars around you as you did in 5.

Cheers and thank you for bringing us another killer Forza title. GREAT job!