Texture pop in on One-X?

Okay, so I never noticed objects in the distance popping in on my OG X-One except for maybe in the replays at times - But on the One-X I’m seeing distance objects picking up more detail as I drive closer.

For example - on Silverstone National, on the straights, you will see a tree or two load on the Horizon and then as you take a right, and then a left - you’ll see another object or two suddenly pop in. On Road Atlanta full, you can see on the treeline in the distance right before the downhill S-turn, objects popping in. I replicated this in Photo Mode and same thing happens - I move further away objects disappear, I move the camera in, the pop up outta nowhere. On Homestead, before the final S-turn that leads to the straights, you’ll see detail popping up on the side barriers, and then again after the straight as you take a left and the trackside barrier comes into view - more details starts popping in.

I am aware that texture compression has been a part of gaming for a long time, but isn’t the One-X powerful enough to play games with zero pop-in? I’ve played the game on both the internal HDD and my external WD 2TB 5400rpm HDD - while the latter does load things a bit faster, the texture pop-in was there - at the exact same spots on the track.

Thoughts you guys?

Simply Cpu limitations I would say.

I don’t tend to notice texture pop-in on my One X but I’m not really looking for it either as I’m constantly focusing on corners rather than world detail.

Well, yes CPU limitations make sense.

But the OG One has a weaker CPU and I didn’t seem to notice any texture pop in while racing. Maybe it’s because of the ultra-clean, crisp and sharp graphics that I’m noticing them now.

Well, a driver wouldn’t constantly focus on the corners while driving; as you exit corners and look ahead where the road meets the horizon - that’s how you would judge distance right before the straight ends and you enter another corner…

And… bam! Greeted by texture pop in! Didn’t think this would be an issue on the One-X. It is a rare occurrence but hard to ignore when it does. Will there always be compromises as long as any given game is on a console?

Edit: this is getting a bit silly - I’m now seeing mild pop in on Prague, Sebring, Dubai - track which never showed any signs of pop in on an OG One-X perhaps to the lower detail and resolution. I don;'t know…

Will move it back to the internal to see if it makes a difference. I don’t think the One-X is as powerful as they say it is.

Are you guys noticing any pop in at all on your large 4K screens? I have a 40" 1080p screen. Does a supersampled game behave differently than a native 4K game in terms of texture loading/detail levels?

Got mine installed on an external. Like I said don’t notice it but don’t look for it. I’ll be sure to have a good look next time to see. You would have thought with 3000 hours game time I would have seen something by now though :sweat_smile:

The One X is extremely powerful compared to the original Xbox One…and anything other console on the market. The problem is the CPU is just an overclocked version of the original. GPU wise it’s pretty decent (4 times quicker) but thinking about it more it’s running native 4k @60fps. To hit that target even with the improved hardware I’m pretty sure sacrifices had to be made.

Ah, the OG Xone version does not have 4K assets, which explains non-existent pop up.

Oh it’s there for sure - you’ll notice it on Silverstone, Rio, Dubai and a few others. I even Youtubed a couple of videos yesterday on “Xbox one X texture pop in”. There was one of a 720S on Silverstone where you could clearly see pop in.

You’ll see the pop in as much as you want to ignore it because after exiting corners you have to focus on the horizon to negotiate the next turn. I’m on a 40" screen sitting 6 feet away. I have an eye for these things and never noticed them on my OG Xone.

I couldn’t see anything on my end. The game does utilize motion blur quite heavily to mask it. Maybe that’s enough for eyes like my own :rofl: I’m on a 50" between 4 and 10ft depending on where I’m sitting.

It’s actually pretty hard to miss, i’m surprised you can’t see stuff popping up on the horizon on a 50"screen sitting close to it and all. Okay, try this:

The straight before the final S-turn at Silverstone that leads to the main start/finish - race at night in pitch black time of day and you’ll see the lights on the building on the right just “pop” on out of nowhere. Same happens in Spa at night as you’re approaching the final S-turn - you’ll see in the distance lights popping up on the grand stands and race control area on the start/finish straight.

Or Sonoma, anytime that isn’t overcast, you’ll see layers of grass popping up on either side of the mountain the closer you get to the finish line. I think FM7 uses the same texture compression system as FH because in the Horizon games too you can see layers of textures loading on distant mountans and buildings as you drive closer - happens more the faster you drive, so pick a really fast car and see for yourself.

You can even switch to Photo Mode, zoom in a bit, then move the camera as far back as you can - now move the camera forward as much as it will go - you’ll see objects popping in as the game loads more detail. These pop in are exactly at the same spots while you are racing, if that makes sense.

I know I’m overthinking things a little but isn’t 12MB of GDDR5 RAM along with 6 teraflops and a slightly faster CPU and HDD enough to keep these silly pop in issues at bay?

Sorry, if I’m ruining the game for anybody here, but I’m starting to think maybe I should have just stuck to the OG Xbox and upgraded to a 4K screen instead.

Did a few laps at Silverstone in a Mercedes-Sauber C9. Changed from my normal hood cam to chase cam and stopped focusing on my normal focal points and look at the scenery. Noticed some nice effects like flashing lights in the crowd, the way the light beams down the circuit. It’s like playing a the game with new eyes. I did however notice the lights at the end of the straight, just after the corner exit they pop up in the horizon.

Because of the way I drive and what Im constantly looking for I definitely wouldn’t notice and I haven’t until now. The scenery is just a blur as my eyes are always focused on the tarmac. Try hood cam you will see what I mean.

I’m not sure how Turn 10s game engine works or how they use the power of the hardware but to me this just looks like compromises to hit that native 4k @60fps target. It sounds so easy to do with the extra power but when you look at how many games actually hit that target it’s very impressive. Sadly for those with 1080p screens its still using its power for 4k and supersampling it down in this particular game. Basically wasting GPU power for a few less jaggies.

A lot of other games use the power to great effect like Resident Evil 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XV, Witcher 3 for example. The difference between One X and base hardware is night and day, even on a 1080p display. Forza 7, it’s quite subtle.

Overall though to get the best out of the hardware you do need a 4k display. I bought the One X on day one but had a 1080p screen. I remember not being impressed until I bought the 4k TV a few months later.

Different developers use the power differently and people want and look for different things. I can’t see the issues you’ve noticed getting fixed this late in the game but when Forza 8 comes out for next gen (I’m pretty sure this is why it’s being delayed a year) I can definitely see it going away if the rumours are true about the decent CPU.

Turn 10’s game engine is very complex & quite intelligent actually. Essentially, anything the player isn’t focused on, doesn’t have any priority in detail. Even in the cockpit, look at certain details. You’ll find higher quality in places where you’ll be looking at the most. If you really want to see this effect in reality, just go to a long straight & look behind you for the entirety of the straight & you’ll notice pretty much everything behind you de-spawning. It’s quite jarring in cockpit, bumper, dash or bonnet cameras. But then again, it makes sense. You’re also going to look behind you for a second at most, so why render all those objects, textures, polygons & detail behind you when chances are, you’re not even going to notice the scenery at all.

It’s a pretty clever tactic they use on the One X & original Xbox One. This is why Turn 10 are renowned for their locked 60 fps & 1080p & now, a locked 60 fps 4k. Most other developers are struggling to hit 1080p locked 60 fps on the original Xbox One & 4k 60fps on the One X. They usually have to run an unlocked frame rate with lower resolution. Whatever you think about Turn 10, they’re extremely good at milking every last drop from the console.

Running it on an SSD might help the pop-in ever so slightly. It’s something I’d definitely invest in for sure because you can use it in future hardware as well, not to mention load times in games will be significantly faster as well.

SSD have proven to help with load times in some games and not at all in all others. Still if rumours are to be believed, next gen will be using SSD drives. Couldn’t hurt to buy one regardless and if the rumours are true it would be even more handy.
Personally I haven’t got the space unless I start buying larger external drives. 2x2TB and 1 3TB drives take up all my USB space, and they’re all full :confused:

Still, load times were always a none issue for me, especially spending years with the slow PS1 and PS2.

I’m not sure if texture pop in would be improved by a quicker drive. All depends on how the game engine goes about its business. Is it the drive, the CPU or simply the draw distance for higher resolution textures? I do wonder if people running the game on high spec pc’s have this problem

Personally I didn’t notice anything until I started replying to this thread. Even now it doesn’t bother me but it sucks for the OP. Issues like this definitely effect some more than others. If I’m being blunt, PC is the way forward for the absolute best graphics and performance. Doesn’t come cheap though and I’m more than happy with my One X and PS4 Pro.

Thank you gentlemen for the insights - it is what it is. Some can ignore it - for others, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

there’s pop in on the PC version of both games as well - in fact, there are Youtube videos about texture pop in with both games, especially FH4.

I’ve seen a handful of YT videos myself running at 4K/60fps - our consoles are fine because in ALL the videos game was popping textures in the exact same spot as I experienced while racing.

I don’t think upgrading to an SSD or PC is a proper solution for now - it’s in the game engine and how it handles textures as the One-X is already comparable to a fairly powerful PC.

I must admit though, there are a handful of games on my system that support both 1080p/60 fps and 4k/30 fps, or even those that don’t - texture pop is minimal. With some games, it is non-existent.

Will texture popping always be a “thing” in games? It never used to bother me, but now it does after investing a respectable amount of cash into a One-X.