Test the cars before release

Some cars drive like “Lets put random values in” and some are fun to drive.

There was an ingame msg with tuning settings for the Valkyrie AMR Pro but i have no problem driving the thing. Hopped in had fun with it… Without fiddling around before! Stock Settings!

Bought the McLaren F1 started testride… Nice lady said “You can take corners at max speed… blabla” but yeah she forgot to tell the car about it…

Multiple cars are “undriveable” with OOB/stock settings. After the “bricked” GT3 RS Porsche’s i was scared to touch a Porsche again (in whatever tour/event it was wich unlocked the Cayman). Used the GT3’21 and it was fun used the Cayman GT4RS and fun again. The 2 Porsche+Nordschleife was one of the highlights in whole game and some of my fav cars now… I can ignore bugs or the sound of the cayman in these moments ;D
Used an Audi in OpenClass Tour (C Class) later and got an green medal… 4 events frustration…

How hard can it be to improve the out of box experience? I can fiddle with the settings later or finetune the car. But 99.9% of the time i hop in the car take it for spin on random free ride… If the car is “bricked” there is no reason to touch it again!