Test driver(s) wanted. RBW Triton's Bounty Hunter Community Challenge Tune

Looking for test driver(s) to check out my Rolls Royce Wraith tune for this. There are a couple things I think could be improved but I would like to see what it is capable of in more capable hands. I am running a 1:38. XXX with it but I think a better driver can break 1:36 territory. Also looking for feedback. This would help verify or dismiss my thoughts before I tweak it further.

Forgot to mention tune is not shared yet. This will be my first somewhat open source as I’ll be messaging the driver(s) the settings, parts, and trusting you not to post the tune.

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Nope, I’m gonna post it!! Lol!!

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Lol! Does this mean u are interested?

Haha, now see, you said “capable hands”. I’d be happy to drive it for ya, I would say you still will need said “capable hands” though, lol!!

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Sent you a PM