Test drive events - please alter it PGG

Please PGG. Just make us do 1 lap instead of running the entirety of the race we wanna make. Why do we have to test drive a 10 laps race before actually racing it ? Doesn’t make any sense.
It’s no fun. The previous system in FH4 was miles better.

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Make it one lap, test drive it, save/publish.
Go back to blueprints selector, edit the blueprint (space bar on PC) with as many laps you like, don’t forget to select the cars again, as it changes to current car and also music.
Save it and drive it.

Yeah if I do that the BP is locked. I have to test drive it then change the # of laps but then…

edit : never mind. You have to test drive 1 lap then edit the number of laps.

Still a tedious way to create a custom event compared to FH4, but still.

Following my previous post…

That’s what happen if you test drive 1 lap then edit the number of laps before posting the race :

UI says 5 laps :

Game doesn’t recognize it and runs a 1 lap race with a… Weird UI:

Man this game is… Something else. Probably the most unpolished FH I’ve ever played lol

Beep boop up 'cause this has to be fixed.

Bumping it again cause this stuff has to be fixed. This game ain’t worth the full price they’re asking for if can’t even do stuff we did in FH4 - replayability in solo mode is non existent with that horrible game design.
Bring the FH4 system back.