Test drive based on blueprints rather than created tracks

So I create a nice and long (that’s what she said) track. I create a blueprint, I test drive it. I find the order a bit weird as FH4 did it the other way around. Didn’t think much of it. I validate my track. I post the blueprint. Yay! My first blueprint!

Later, I decide my first blueprint is a bit restrictive and I want to create another blueprint with unlimited car choice and car score. I create the blueprint, I select the track. “Test drive” unticked? But I already validated my track?? I’m sorry, what? Why is it like this? This has to be an oversight right? Yet, the old system; FH4’s system, did it “right”. So why has it now changed to be like this? Does it need to be like this? Why does it need to be like this? Do I need to validate any created track over and over again for me to create different blueprints? It’s as if T10 doesn’t want us to express creativity… what an annoyance.

You have created one of the richest racing game freeroam maps ever made. But the systems and UI you give us to work with are just bad. I have so many complaints regarding the ability to find “proper” (and not these cheap, chart toppers “skill point here” and/or “money here” straight highway) tracks, created by other users. Oh, I rambled off the topic a bit. Anyways, does anyone know why T10 have decided this is a better system?

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Maybe there were aware right of the start for the exploit like AFK races on the goliath so they decided that everyone who do a 50 lap goliath blueprint has to race that for himself. No wonder they oversee the fact that only own individual routes have to be tested, so that came sort of short thinking at all.

Funny thing is in my blueprints the game let me do the test runs without problems but except me in the real race all the AI can get through the first checkpoint flawless. For me it don’t register in normal racing, only in blue print testing.

The testdrive is for the event not the track. U can set rules or whatever in the event wich makes completion “impossible” so you have todo another testdrive

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100% agree test-drive rules are stupid. You need to test drive again even if only changing the name of the blueprint which is stupid. Same for numbers of laps, it works for 5 laps might as well work for 3 or 10, right ?

Probably just another bug.

It might be to ensure it’s possible to compete the race in the selected car class, given that it’s possible to set up jumps and other obstacles that require a certain speed to clear.

I mean, I understand these reasonings as to why they would change it to be like this. But it severely hampers and annoys blueprint variation for events with zero (invalidative) props. They could, at the very least, identify created tracks that should be completable given its base is completable. Implementation to retain the old FH4 functionality for the good proportion of tracks that do identify with the aforementioned situation really benefits a lot of creators, imo. Myself, I just like to create tracks with “different than standard” corner variations. Exploring completely new races with completely new roads, etc. I really don’t do anything and want to do anything with props, but it’s annoying to learn that if I mess up or want a change a blueprint, I have re-evaluate my already completed track again.