Tesla Roadster 2020-current

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Tesla Roadster (2023-current)


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Are you saying that this car will make it in videogames sooner than that it will be produced? :smile:

Anyway, I would like to have any Roadster; the first model from 2008 which we had in Motorsport (don’t remember which one, I think 4), and the new one which they are supposedly developing.

Question: if they put the new Roadster in the game, will it have the crazy gizmos Elon was talking about on Twitter like rocket engine, nozzles and able to hover?


Tesla Motors Roadster (2022)




insert forza hovercar here

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:grin: I am a natural born optimist… :sweat_smile:

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food for thought here, maybe the reason Teslas haven’t been added to the game is because Forza is made by Microsoft studios and Elon Musk has beef with Bill Gates, so they can’t get the licensing to the car. I personally don’t care bc I hate Tesla but this may have something to do with it and I wouldn’t expect Teslas to be added🤷‍♂️


2023 Tesla Roadster (1500hp) for both Horizon and Motorsport


The new Roadster looks sweet! I hope they make it into the game!!


Definitely add the Tesla Roadster to Horizon and Motorsport!

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Please add :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks for your support!