Terrain not loading, graphic artifacts on May Update

Hi there,

Just bought the game a couple of weeks ago and after may update, the game has several problems for me (Lego update did solve the GPS line flickering though).

I know that this issue has been around since the demo, but I have tried every single workaround I saw on the forums or other sites and none has worked for me.

I uploaded a short video that compiles all the problems I’m having.

My current set up is:

Gigabyte Z170 Gaming 3 rev 1.1
Intel i5 6600
32GB RAM Ripjaws V
SSD Samsung EVO 850 500GB (Tried on a Crucial MX500 1TB and a Seagate HDD, to no effect)
EVGA Geforce 1070 SC

Everything running in stock, no OC.