Team Drift Idiot [TDi]

Yeah thx, first design i ever made lol.
Yeh got to love bmw^^ hehe
I have a question, do we follow these rules:

There are no rules here at drift idiot. are one and only rule if you start a crash team or purposely go out to crash into other drifter under are team name your out of the team.

Now to make it clear are team are allowed to use all drive types rwd,fwd,awd you can tandem or points drift make YouTube videos anything you want to do together we are one if the most chilled out teams around which is good for everyone because it gives you the freedom to do what you want with other people in a team :slight_smile: #TDi

Check out the new Team Drift Idiot Facebook page for updates on tandem sessions and team news ! We have been invited to a tandem session from another team today so go to are Facebook page for more information :slight_smile:

Link: (TDi) Facebook page !

So how was the tandem session?
Any youtube vids?
Have the early shift this week so had to go to bed when the fun starten '-_- next time count me in ^^.

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It was good bud you missed out on some great fun . There’s always next time we all have to work so I’m not expecting you to turn up to all events. And as for YouTube I think PTG have a lot of footage so there thinking about making a short film thing so you might see it soon :slight_smile:

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Yeah thought it would be super fun, but many more sessions to come :slight_smile:
Nice, i’ll deff check out their youtube channel.
I’m looking forward to do some tandem & fun drift sessions, always more fun with a team.

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Yes we will be setting up are very own drift nights soon! so make sure keep an eye on the team Facebook guys the links in my signature be sure to like the page. As I have put a question on there for you guys to look at about a team decal and I’m asking what 3 colours you guys want to be our team colours from now on !
Team Drift Idiot Facebook page !

Gamer tag: fatalINSTINCT19

Age: 19

Country: UK

Time drifting: GMT, Evening and weekends. Been drifitng for 3 years since Forza 3 and been in many drift teams an done many competitions. Looking for laid back people to tandem with :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome to the team ! Be sure to add the other members there on the members list on the first page. We are very laid back team who do all sorts of drifting from tandem to points,FWD,RWD,AWD you name it . Be sure to spread the word and get your friends to join to !

We have now have a recruitment video on YouTube ! A special thanks to KAMLKAZExTURTLE go check his channel out here: Drift idiot recruitment video !

Hey bud :wink: i would love to join ur team. I’m very interested at tandems, doing Unlimited Drift in FM5 nd stuff :smiley: So yeah hook me up bud :wink: GT: Natural Vodka

Favorite car: Mazda RX-7

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Hey i’m looking for a drift team :smiley: I’m very intersted at Tandems, Unlimited Drift in FM5 and stuff. So hook me up bud :wink: GT Natural Vodka

Drift Idiot Fridays are now here at 8pm UK time we will be hosting tandem session for you guys so make sure your message for invite or you will miss out on the fun !

I already messaged you my gt is colbyv81012

Gamer tag:colbyv81012



Time drifting:almost 1 year

Two more Co founder spots available for ages 18+ looking for trustworthy people and mature.

The role: as a Co founder I’m looking for little jobs to be done for the team. I need you to be very active on forza and xbox live. I need people who want to drift with other members and look for new talent you want to add to the team. Setting up custom tandem lobby’s so you can slide together and have fun. It’s the things like that help I can’t be on 24/7 as I wish u could so need little help to keep us going all the time. If you want to add members you can just make sure they sign up on here so I can add there GT to are members list. #TeamDriftIdiotNeedsYou!

P.s Thanks guy this teams really starting to take off couldn’t do it without you ! #TeamDriftIdiotFamily!

Hope you guys like it :smiley: BMW E36 M3 FTW <33

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I’m thinking i wanna join ur team.

Gt: Jae514
Age: 15
Country: 'MURICA

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Thanks to all of you who turned up for Drift Idiot Fridays tandem session ! Di Fridays Di Fridays Di Fridays Di Fridays Di Fridays

Gamertag: MeticulusWizard

Age: 20

Country: I come from the land down under :wink:

Time Drifting: Who even knows…

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I will try join in next week guys! I hope to see some Team Drift Idiot members join the PTG Team for our Monday Drift Day too!

Link for details:

Sorry not trying to take over your thread, would be cool to get a lobby with our drift teams together!

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