Team Diamond [Now Recruiting]

Team Diamond is basically a small number of experienced drifters who need more people for this thing to take off the ground. So far we have about 4 to 5 members and counting. as recruiting starts we’re looking for more people so that we can do battles, earn reputation, etc. You can also go to our official website for more info contact SKILLEDGAMERz, DubstepxTandemz, or AR VALKYRIE84. Thank you for your time. We look forward to drifting with you!

Change the name, Project BLKJ has been a team since FM1. Stop trying to bite of their success.

Minty thanks for the support. But that team name has already been taken. And even if they dont play alot it is a team with alot of respect from the forza community. So if you wouldnt mind changing the name that would be great. And if you want to tandem be free to hit me up. GT- DIS SWIRLY

goodluck with the team

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This thread is going better than expected. I thought there’d be blood and gore lol

Thanks for the feedback about the name as none of us knew it was taken. And no one is trying to “bite off their success” if no one here knew it was taken. We’ll take the name change into consideration but I did not come up with it. im silply one to get the name out there. So we’ll change it when our leaders get on.

couldnt find any of you guys but i would like to join