TEAM CTD recruiting Rwd Drifters

If you would like a trail for the rwd team of CTD the trails consists of points a best lap,
The tracks to use are catalunya school, silverstone international and the final track is road atlanta club. Now how many points do you need i here you ask track 1 catalunya you must get above 35k. Track 2 above 48k and last but not least atlanta club 41k all you have to do is invite me my gt is ii BARB3R happy drifting :)))

These seem like some pretty steep scores for people to do in RWD might have to lower your standards since half your club struggles to get 35k on Catalunya school in AWD.

Can i try out i do fwd i can do 36 800 on cat school 56 700 on international nd 50 000 on road atlanta does that reach ur requirments
And rwd i can do 38 900 cat school 57 00 international 49 000 rd atlanta

Well i was asked to be in charge of the RWD team and i can easily get them scores but I’ve been told to lower them, but if you still want to trial for the team as you messaged me you still can