target + 1

I’ve noticed since starting the game that the 6th edition seems to be really bad for giving you the ol +1 when you are trying to hit your PI target number A701…B601. The game has always done it since I can remember but this one seems to do it a lot more to me. Has anyone else noticed this or maybe its just me?



Ya it happens a lot, but its usually an easy fix by changing your rim size a little.

yea the rims have a much larger difference (4-5 times more).

I set it up in my build I upgrade my tyre compound and tyre width and power until I hit the correct pi ±3.

I Have the lightest rims
Stock driveline
Stock clutch
Stock Hood
Stock Flywheel
Stock brakes
Stock oil/cooling

If I do over pi I change the rims

If I am under I upgrade in order

brakes If I can afford it
Lighter Hood/ bumper (off)
street oil/cooling

That is actually pretty good idea. I’m usually swapping this, for that… lowering this, upgrading that, until I own every possible upgrade just to get rid of 1 PI. Thanks for sharing that. If I run under I can always find more go fast goodies to put on it. It’s that 1 PI over when I really don’t want to change anything that irritates me. I usually upgrade the driveshafts to race fairly early in the build but you only get to dip into that reserve twice at the most.

And one other thing, I absolutely refuse to put ugly wheels on my car to lower my PI. I’ve gotten them on the car before and then took them right back off