Tandem - Bumper Cam

Hey all,

So…I have a bit of a dilemma. I drift in bumper cam. I cannot drift in 3rd person, nor in cockpit view. I’m sure you can imagine how difficult this can be to tandem with people, when I can’t see their car.

I was curious if there were any other bumper cam drifters who actually tandem well. If so, I am wondering if there are any tips you can provide?

I know the obvious answer is, learn to drift in 3rd person. But I would rather avoid that if I can. Let me know if you have any experience with this.


Lot of guys use bumper cam/hood cam/cockpit! I use 3rd person because that’s how I taught myself, and I’m on the controller. You’ll get used to it eventually, I suppose.

I find myself as a decent follow car, mostly because i’m generally faster than my partner. I have an easier time slowing myself down, than others have trying to keep up.

When I lead though, I have a hard time gauging where my partner is. I tend to end up oversteering into them on the exit, or conversely, I’ll end up understeering to give them room and creating too wide of a gap.

Perhaps it can be remedied with better communication during the drift, letting them know how wide or tight I plan on going.

It’s the follow cars job to follow the lead. If they hit you, that’s their fault. Don’t ever give the follow car room, it’s their job to find the room.

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I have only drifted cockpit since FM3. So long that I am terrible in any other view. Bumper cam has to be difficult, but similar to cockpit where it can be easy to lose sight of your partner. I have gotten used to using the right thumbstick to move the camera around. This works for me, can be difficult to get used to using your right thumb to look around while drifting but I have no problem most of the time. I would suggest getting used to another view but, I have tried getting used to other views myself and find myself quickly going back to what is comfortable which for me is cockpit.
So, I would perhaps say get used to using the thumbstick to look around and see where people are at. It has worked the best for me and I have plenty of nice close tandems.

This is something i’ve considered, and have done in the past just for the lolz when my friend is over.

I’ll give it a serious try and see if I can manage.

Thanks for the tip!

When I first got my wheel in FM3 I ran bumper cam while learning, eventually switching to Hood because that’s what I found best for following. If the only reason you’re wanting to switch view is to make the follow cars job easier, don’t. Just stick to what you’re comfortable with.

Best thing you can do to avoid contact as the lead car is to just be consistant with your line and angle, everything else is up to the follow car.

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I have never been able to use 3rd person, my steering always gets to twitchy. So since Forza 1 I have only used bumper/hood view… and added cockpit view a few years ago.

For me the biggest help was just letting my partner know I use first person views… most people assume you use 3rd person, because it’s the most popular. So letting them know and getting a little experience and familiarity with your partner was a great help for me. If you know your partner’s ability, car setup etc… you can anticipate what they will do, where they will go, how much angle they can sustain. There is only so much you can do with a reduced line of sight using this view, so knowing your partner was huge for me. The more I know my partners tendencies and ability the farther I was able to push the limits of my line of sight… enough chemistry together and you will anticipate their next move, and be able to lose sight of them completely yet still keep it close an clean.

Until you build that kind of Chemistry with someone best bet is If your the lead car, it’s a mute point because it’s the follow cars responsibility to avoid contact. You can run your line do your thing and they adjust to you. The biggest issue is if you’re following and get side by side in a turn, 3rd person this isn’t an issue if the lead car losses his angle mid turn etc. First person it is because you won’t see them, so best bet if you don’t know your partner well is rather than getting side by side stay back a bit. Keep your bumper as close to their rear quarter panel as possible, no farther forward than their door. This will always keep them in your line of sight, and will give you time to adjust to them as well. Getting side by side with a guy you don’t know well, and losing sight of him pretty much assures it will become a demo derby.