Tag out of map glitch

Who can I send a clip to of a person getting out the map on tag to get them banned

how about “who can I send a clip to in order to get a map exploit fixed?”

Both would be good. The said person knows about it and exploited it.

They can’t ban someone for performing a glitch, hacks get banned, but its turn 10’s fault for leaving a flaw, plus, the longer a match lasts is what determines how much money you get, so if someone glitches out, they will pop back in eventually and you get huge rewards, an hour match can get you near 100k~, so just do something else and wait if you want money

Yes they can.

“Don’t cheat or tamper. For example, don’t: Exploit game vulnerabilities or glitches”

Good luck with a fix this is the same exploit from FM5 2 years ago. They new bout it then and didnt fix it so dont expect it to be fixed this time either

It’s a physics glitch. What they need to fix it is a point under the map that triggers a re-positioning back to their starting point on the map (easy to store at the start of a match) with no-collision active upon re-entering for a few seconds. Most FPS games have this where you die under the map if that happens. Such a simple thing to fix.