Tag badge not unlocking

there’s a locked badge in the mastery section that says ‘Complete 20 Multiplayer Tag events for Bronze’, and I’ve played way more than 20 games of tag (just the regular tag though not keep the it). so I was wondering why the tag badge won’t unlock for me, and why nobody else has even mentioned it. the tag badge is the only one I’ve had any trouble with.
I’m not a Forza 6 VIP.

I’m curious about this too. I think I’ve played 20 or 21 tag events, but it didn’t unlock. Also, is the Multi-class badge not possible to unlock? I thought maybe doing 20 Unlimited Drag races may unlock it, but it doesn’t seem to.

I see this is a fairly old thread but thought I would myself to the list.

I’m trying to get both the Tag and Multiclass ones and have definately completed more than 20 events for both badges but they refuse to pop. In fact they are the only 2 that I need for a full set.

If anyone has any advice on how to get them I’d really appreciate it.

Having the same situation with tag and multiclass badges.