_-*TackAli's Paint Box*-_ - **UPDATE** Ice Watch - V8 Ford Falcon

So I thought I’d do what most of the guys here seem to do and have my designs in one place, which can then be kept up to date.

Only a few for Forza 5 thus far, but much more to come!

Comments and Constructive Criticism are always welcome guys, if you’re wanting to download any of my designs, simply search my Gamertag


Dark Dog Subaru BRZ

RSR D1 Drift Toyota Supra

LATEST - Ice Watch V8 Ford Supercar

Keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming work!

Supra looks great mate! A very nice addition to your growing catalog. Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Cheers Ace, more work to come!!!

Nice work on the new stuff bud :wink:

Tar Wayne, keeps me out of trouble when not at work!

Latest WIP guys,

KY Jelly sponsored RUF with wider arches.

Still a long way to go, a few nicks need neatening up, but it’s getting there!

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Nice start! Try moving the rivets higher up on the fender ans making the a little bit lighter and you should be good to go.

Looks pretty good mate I would just make the rivets a tad smaller as it does tend to distract. Other than that, great job!

looking good mate

Thanks for the advice Ace, will make these a bit smaller,

Cheers for the feedback guys!

Nice Mugen keep up the good work

Taking a break from the KY Porsche/RUF, I found a nice little Z4 on the google machine.

Nothing OTT, just nice simple honest race work.

More photos above!

Let me know your thoughts folks :wink:

Nice job with the Z4 mate! Keep up the good work, I’m glad yo see you painting on this game.

Thanks Ace :slight_smile:

Cheers for the advice mate, will make them a little less black!

Struggling with other sponsors and ideas for it at present, the tube and logo are being worked on, but it leaves a lot of white space on the car,

Not overly keen on the blue side strip either, so may change the livery around to get something more interesting.

Well, I am sure however it is it will be good. Keep up the good work mate.

Hi All!

So I’m finding time to finish up so previous started WIP’s just lately,

This is one of my favourite designs so far, (more pictures at the top as always)

Again, thoughts are always welcome and appreciated

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WOW turned out super hot great work sir…

+1 love the colours. :wink:

That’s pretty nice but could do with a few logo tweeks on the ICE Watch logo, as changing that will make a huge difference!