T10 really needs new proof-readers for their web content... New Forza Rewards for XB1 and 360

After all the trouble they started with the release of Horizon 2 on the Xbox 360 and late release of information concerning DLC’s.

They turn right around and release this without even thinking twice about it. I have completed both versions of the game and there are no points for the 360.

Forza Hub March Update
Brian Ekberg
Back to News Tuesday, March 24, 2015The latest edition of Forza Hub has arrived! With today’s update for the official Forza Motorsport app on Xbox One, we’re adding some exciting new features to enhance your Forza experience. Here’s a quick look at the new features you can take advantage of now:
New Forza Introduction Experience — We’re celebrating the tenth anniversary of Forza Motorsport starting now! Take a look at the last decade of Forza and how you have progressed in the franchise over the years.
New Forza Rewards — New Rewards are coming with the introduction of Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious on Xbox One and Xbox 360. In addition to being able to earn 1000 achievement points in both versions of the game, you can also earn points to contribute to your overall Forza Rewards Tier level! The higher your Tier level, the better the rewards you earn each month as a part of Forza Rewards!
New Player Profile Card — Now you can see more detail than ever into your Forza history. The new Forza player profile card shows you which Forza games you’ve played, how many points you’ve earned, and lets you launch certain Forza games directly from the Forza Hub experience!

Thanks for pointing out this mistake. We have fixed it on the site.

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You’ve always been pretty honest and upfront with the members Mechberg. Answer me this. Why, won’t Turn-10/Sumo allow any tier advancement on Horizon2 for Xbox360? This has been something I don’t understand from the start. What is the problem with allowing the players tier advancement points on the 360???

I read it the same way so thanks to the OP and T10 for clarification.

I have 360 and Xbox One and started with the 360 first just to see the differences in the game.

Putting my reservations of the expansion aside T10 did an admiral job on the 360 in spite of the limitations of the hardware.
I suppose its the same limitations that won’t allow 360 users to join the reward party fully.