T10, please address this

In a game that has matured so well over the years, offering some of the most unparalleled physics, sounds and graphics ever seen on a console, I think T10 should give a little more attention to this:

Bumper cam height/position

I noticed how the bumper cam has been slightly improved in FM5. However, it still sits too high, perhaps to make overtaking and driving easier. This is something that’s been present since FM3.

Maybe there should be an option to toggle between two bumper views, much like the chase cam: a standard one for easier driving, and one that actually sits on the bumper of your car, with respect to each car’s ground clearance. At the moment, (and I understand this is not something gamers notice too much, perhaps pure simmers do), bumper cam sits too high off the road, as if it’s a zoomed in cam, sitting on the edge of the hood, or quite simply a cockpit cam without the dash view, that zooms in and out depending on your speed.

The bumper cam in FM4 especially, looks too high on low-slung cars like the Reventon or 458. *Park your car next to the track’s wall/barrier and you’ll see how the perspective feels right for hood and cam, but higher than hood cam, when you switch to bumper. Most noticeable on really low cars.

I would just like to request the devs to patch this up or perhaps, make this a priority in future Forza games. Having a proper bumper cam that sits at the correct height, will make the driving more challenging - not only do you get an improved sense of speed, but you really get the feeling of driving on the edge with an imminent sense of danger. Not to mention how much better bumps, camber and elevation changes feel.

Some typical examples of games that have a spot on bumper cam are Dirt 3, GRID II or the original NFS.

Thank you for reading this devs. I know this is not a major issue, but in the past you’ve delighted so many fans, by taking their input and implementing it in the game. It would make me really HAPPY to see a proper bumper view in Forza games or the ability to choose between a “proper” one or the (easier) one that’s in the game right now.

Thanks again for a superb product. You guys are tops, with all the track DLC that’s rolling out. Keep it up!

What are your thoughts fellow fans? Do share.

There is already a thread (sticky) existing for such things: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst207_Forza-Motorsport-5-Game-Features-Wish-List.aspx