T10? Extenstion on two free Porsches from Hub offer?

To any T10 employees … is there a chance you guys may extend the two free Porsches from the Hub offer for a couple more days for those of us who tried to get them but couldn’t access any of the downloadable content from the XBox Live stores because of outages in the XBox Live service over the last few days? Was really hoping to add those two cars, but it’s a shame to miss out on them because of something out of our control.

If anyone from T10 or any mods could respond here with some kind of answer, that would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Well I for one was getting frustrated with the outages and not being able to sign in or access some aspects of the online stuff.
Even as much as not being able to claim the daily drivavatar monies on games. also broke my runs of days on.

I still am having trouble getting my daily drivatar rewards, least I was, I haven’t played FH2 since Friday or late Saturday cause I picked up Forza Horizon 1 on the 360.

havent they already been available for about 2 weeks, why wait till its almost over…ive had no problems accessing downloadable content , even over the last 2 days,maybe im just lucky
drivatar monies are minimal too, get more just racing one or two races

i really don’t understand the issues you say you have getting them , these Live issues have really only been the last 1-2 days, its been good for ages


Yeah, as sucky as the outages are, there’s been more than enough time to get these cars.

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Ive passed on the concerns and its being looked into, however due to the minimal time live was down compared to the time the offer was running I wouldnt hold my breath.


What a shame. I was on holiday for the last two weeks and did not know about these two free Porsches.

I would really like to get a chance to download these two, even at a cost. I can’t be the only one in the same situation!

You might as well just buy the Porsche Expansion. The two free cars really aren’t that much different from what the expansion offers.

The GT3 is better than the GT2 and the macan is better than the Cayenne. imo

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I have a feeling Hieronymous is gonna lose it when he see’s this thread, lol. I remember him saying in chat during the Forza Friday stream a couple weeks ago that he was gonna ban anyone who started a thread about not getting the free Porsches.

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Thought the outage was only on Sunday(Didn’t see any service alerts on Saturday) and the chance to get the two Porsches ended on Saturday…

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Ah well. Thought it was worth asking about. The cars were only offered for 8 days … not 2 weeks … and there were definitely XBox Live issues on Friday and Saturday. I was out of town most of the week and didn’t learn about the offer til I got home late Friday evening. Tried to rush onto the store to get them then and couldn’t connect to anything on the store. Been trying ever since with no luck.

Edit: Windswept … thanks for running my question up the ladder. Appreciate it.

I live in the Netherlands and came back from holiday today, and i could still download the two porsches .

How’d you do that? I just went to the Forza Hub (which the article said you had to do to get the download link) and the article about the 2 free Porsches is not there.

The Dutch are that laid back its still last week there.



I did it with the hub and then they linked me to the store.
Then i download the two cars, started up FH2 and buy the cars for free in the autoshow.
I don’t know of it’s only possible in europe, but i am very happy with it.

Yeah, I’d like to know this too. Can’t find the article or download link through the Forza HUB.

LANGE JAAP, are you sure it’s still up? I tried changing my language and locale settings but after rebooting the Xbox One I still can’t find the article. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks!

Check your mail Den.