Syncing Data takes forever

Nothing new, but syncing data takes a ridiculous amount of time. How can syncing data take longer than downloading the entire game? Please fix that ish already.

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Can’t believe that this is still an issue.

So much for a quick game after being forced to reinstall the game.

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I’m having the same issues. Even when in game it constantly wants to disconnect from the session.

I’m running a Series X, I have a 200Mbps connection which according to my Xbox is all running properly.

The code I am getting at the moment is (0x8083203) but usually it just sits there spinning. I don’t play FH5 on any other Xbox.

I have no other connection problems with any other game or streaming services.

Game did an update today (3/9/23), afterward went into syncing data state and is not advancing. I’m on PC with a 5GHz connection, having no internet issues otherwise.

This is definitely an issue and clearly impacting multiple players. What are our options given PGG won’t help? Does Superman assists with IT related issues?

Yea, I’m just about done with this “stuff”. Submitted a ticket, was told to go into settings for the game, and reset it (deletes the data). Now, I won’t complete the sync at all. Got to 93% once (after I kid you not 7 hours of waiting), then errored out. Stuck at 15%…

It’s definitely a server issue opposed to client side issue.

Yea, I know. Not even remotely surprising. Even the main page for Forza has been slow as molasses lately.

So after trying all day to get the game to sync, nothing. Hit 93% and 95% once each and failed out both times. I spent ALL DAY yesterday and didn’t even get to log in and play, not once. What ever server you have the sync associated with is doing a poor job.

Did Mike Brown take one of the two remaining hamsters when he walked out? Seriously what’s going on with the servers?


Am I the only one still encountering this issue on a daily basis?

This happened to me last week with the new playlist on both fh4 and fh5.

On xsx

If I hit Xbox guide and went back to the game it would load a bit more and then the syncing would appear

Ended up risking it by closing games and relaunching.

Note: I use quick resume. Be nice to know if there is a problem