Syncing data issue

I recently got a new xbox one because my old one was having problems. Every time I go to start up horizon 2, a message comes up that says “syncing data for Forza horizon 2…” And sits there for about 15 minutes. Then the message disappears and it does nothing; the game doesn’t start, it just sits at the menu screen loading. If I restart the game, it does the same thing over again. Is anyone else having this issue or knows how to fix it?

wait longer

I got a new console a while ago and had to resync fm5.

Start up Horizon 2 and be patient. It will look like it is doing nothing but it leave it. Go an do something else for half an hour or more.

Doing a forumsearch for “sync” or “syncing” might have yielded a lot of results including the option to wait a lot longer.