SYMS Subaru 22B fog lights not working

The fog lights on the SYMS aftermarket front bumper for the 1998 Subaru Impreza 22B-STI Version are non-functional. these are the only fog lights available for the 22B, and it’s a shame they are off, as they would look great on rally builds!

The entire 22B model in Forza is a bruh moment. You have the base high LOD model you see at almost all times, the base 22B kit looks fine if you don’t know how a real 22B looks like, all other kits have weird panel gaps and are pretty low quality. Then, when you enter Photo Mode and focus on any other car, suddenly your 22B has a different body line, bigger front lights and the panel gaps disappear. If you’ve played any Xbox 360 Forza game before you’ll immediately recognize this model, as it is exactly that X360 model. Wow, just wow.

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i’ve played every game in the franchise, and that’s completely irrelevant. i dont care if the model is bad. what i want is the lights to work. that’s 2 completely different issues

It is not completely irrelevant, they are connected issues. The lights don’t work for as long as the model is broken because they’re connected to it. This seems like one of the easier issues to fix though, a bit harder than just swapping two sound files, but not as hard as changing windshield wiper placement on two cars. I’d still be surprised if they did anything with that.