SXbox one Controller Issue

So huge question.I’d like to know if this can be addressed as ever time i take a break from playing FH2 an my controller shuts off when i turn it back on an try to hit A to resume it does nothing i have to shutdown whole system an reboot… really hard when painting… pl;ease an thank you


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Save your paint. Go to dashboard & quit FH2. Then go load game back up with controller when ready, no problems.

Same has happened to me. When your taking a break turn the controller off and it should respond when you turn it back on again. Then again why you would want to take a break from this game? It’s awesome!

thx gangrel but for the amount of time an $$$ we put to forza franchise this shouldnt be an issue at all another in lobby with friends ran to kitchen for drink an took dog out came bk controller off now i have to waste all that time leave power down an then power up an resume that lobby… when i sholud be able to just turn on controller hit a a resume…