Switching from controller to wheel

I’m about to order the GT Omega Pro Wheel Stand and Ive never owned a racing wheel before and I’ve been looking at the Thrustmasters specifically the TMX edition I know it’s the cheaper one, the TX is better but the cost is ridiculous especially for the leather wrapped wheel ($400+) I know there’s is a TX 458 Italia that’s ($299) but the wheel is pretty flimsy I heard and it’s another extra $100+ for a new wheel, so my question is is it worth that price or just stick with the TMX for a while?

Tbh the Thrustmasters are toys. Get a Fanatec and never look back.

Trust me I’d love to, but I’m gonna hold off until 2nd Gen. VR comes out… so it’s between Thrustmaster / Logitech

I can pick up the Thrustmaster TMX for $160 New while the TX is well over $400 for some reason or the $299 458 Italia… and to buy separate parts it’ll be in the $400’s

TX has not only a different steering wheel, but also a different base, so it is significantly more expensive than TMX.
TX base: 16-bit resolution (i.e. 65,536 values on the steering axis).
TMX base: 12-bit resolution (i.e. 4,096 values on the wheel’s steering axis).

There is no much difference between 250$ wheel (G920 and Thrustmuster T150) and 500$ wheel. I wouldn’t waste money on Fanatec or anything from this price group, unless it is direct drive

You are on drugs.


No he’s not, I owned a Fanatec 911 GT2 Wheel with the CSL Elite pedals which I paid good money for and I admit they were nice but I eventually sold them 2 years ago because I wasn’t playing racing games very often. I am back to racing games again and while I played decently with a controller I really wanted a new wheel to play but this time I wanted something less expensive but also with some quality.

My first choice was the TMX PRO but unfortunately it was out of stock everywhere and I opted for the G920. I was a bit skeptical at first because it was my 1st Logitech wheel and also because I previously owned a Fanatic wheel but now I can tell that I am absolutely satisfied with the wheel, it does the exact same thing than the Fanatec, even the pedals are good, and now I only regret not buying the G29 when I bought the Fanatec wheel.

In my opinion if it’s your first wheel don’t go for the expensive ones, because many of us are casual gamers and play other games and not only racing games, don’t make the same mistake I did, because after a while you will eventually get tired of racing games and then you will feel sorry to have spent a lot of money for a wheel you will not use anymore.

The difference between G29 and DFGT is that G29 can rotate faster, which is important, but doesn’t justify 2x price. FB is same. Fanatec is smoother than G29, and cost twice as much that this already hyper expensive wheel. Bying 600$ racing wheel is close to stupidity, if you ask me.

This dumb 300-1500$ racing wheels are killing racing games. There are quite a few people ready to spend 300+$ just to play a couple racing games, and today there is no decent racing wheel cheaper than 300$ MSRP. And target core audience is not going to play racing sim with controller, they just stop playing racing games. Still wonder, why sales of racing games are in free fall? Forza 7 sold twice less than Forza 6, and sales of GT Sport dropped three times

In the 2005 70$ could buy Logitech force feedback wheel (not too good though), and top of the line Momo price tag was 150$

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I agree with you, unfortunately I didn’t saw your reply when I responded to him telling basically what you said.

I have a tmx, it’s fine, but I play on console and find the controller easier on road courses.

TX is good enough wheel for this game and 458 italia wheel is well playable. Of course it is quite plastic and may go broken if handeled roughly. Just play a year with it and then buy a leather add-on. The biggest problem with the wheel base is the over heating especially when using very low degrees of rotation. I have made bigger air holes to the cover and it seem to help a bit. The basic pedals are poor and very weak, but will last over a year daily use.

If you plan on upgrading at some point anyways and this is your first wheel then get the TMX. It’s a good entry into wheel driving and as long as a wheel as force feedback you will get a feel for the road. Everyone has their own personal preference about what brand is best or how much to spend, but the most important thing is your budget and what you feel comfortable spending.


Just a quick little update here…

Ended up canceling the TMX, and was able to find a Thrustmaster VG TX Leather Edition w/ the T3PA Pedals for a decent price in open box but new.

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You bought it? And how are your driving impressions on this steering wheel?