Switching Car Tunes at the push of a button like the convertible functionality

My suggestions are: Giving the players a forzalink / convertible - like feature to switch between car tunes, which can be customized by the player.

How this would work:

  1. When your car is stationary, you will get a prompt on pressing one of the thumb-sticks

  2. You then, switch into any tune that you like, depending on what event you are entering into.

  3. The prompt can be customizable, similar to the Forzalink customization, where the user’s tunes / downloaded tunes can connect into the available slot on the prompt menu.

I think this would be relatively no very complicated to replicate as we have an example of this in the game already - I’m talking about the Ford Mustang Mach-E which can switch from AWD to RWD at the push of a button.

This would make car tunes switch like car modes - street - sport - sport+ - Track… On the go!
It would be a wonderful addition in Free roam.

I like it! I’d use it like Air-Ride suspension and go to a “slammed” tune to drop the car on the fly!

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