Swap orbital mode back to precision mode /Eventlab

Please swap the ability to press the stick (on the controller) to enter orbital mode back to precision mode.

Precision mode was a very useful tool for precise placement of objects. By assigning it to the left stick, it was always possible to quickly switch between build and move.
Currently, changing the camera speed is permanently used for moving and building in Eventlab. It would be better if we didn’t have to go to the additional menu every time to switch between building and moving (i.e. changing the camera speed). The orbital tool that is currently on the left stick of the controller is unfortunately not very helpful as far as placing objects is concerned and is not used by us Eventlab creators.

For example, when placing walls, you need a slow camera speed to place the wall exactly where you want it. After you place it, you go to the menu, scroll down to camera speed, set it to fast, and go back to move a little to the side. Now you go back to the menu and set the camera speed to slow again to place the next wall. This whole process goes on the whole time something is being created in Eventlab.

With the return of precision mode in combination with the adjustable camera speed through the additional menu, the whole handling and switching between build and place would be much easier.

Personally, I would prefer the stick to cycle thru slow, medium, and fast camera. But I’d settle for any better use of the stick.

While I’m sure Orbit Cam was well intentioned, nobody uses it. As far as I can tell, nobody can even figure out how to use it in a productive manner.

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Personally, I would appreciate the precision mode again since I’m on a PC and what’s a stick? :wink:

I agree with just getting rid of the orbit cam or at least have it as a toggle function where I can select what I want that button to do, precision mode.

Maybe someone out there uses the orbit cam, I’m not sure who… but someone so perhaps just having it as a toggle feature so we aren’t screwing them over by removing it haha.

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