Suspension Question (I'm New To Tuning)

Hello again guys,

I’m tuning one of my cars suspension at the moment and I’m wondering should we take into account the bumps in the road or not? When I’m turning a corner without bumps on the road my telemetry is showing my springs get to between 75cm - 85cm which makes me think maybe soften them up a touch more, but when i go around a corner with a bump in the road it’s showing 85cm - 100cm.

By the way to whoever is answering this incase you are wondering i have completely lowered my ARB to get a clearer read-out from my springs

When you test your tune, you should have everything set. All of the parts work in conjunction with each other and removing one (lowering the ARB) will provide bad data on the others…

To your question, yes you should account for the bumps. When the suspension bottoms out, bad things can happen. You will most likely bottom out over jumps, but the suspension should absorb bumps in the road and keep the car stable/planted…

Thanks for the reply, every reply I get is helpful and gives a better idea of how to think while tuning