Support needs calling out for their (lack of) actions!

I messaged support after spending the whole first weekend troubleshooting my install.
I re-installed the 103GB of the game 3 times!
I made sure nothing else was running, sacrificed a goat, only installed on a thursday while turning in a circle anti-clockwise etc etc.

So i emailed support said which steps i’d taken and provided system specs.
Support responded with a load of steps to try, most of which i had tried, tried the others and still didn’t work.

WOLFayame replied days later to tell me to try all the steps i’d already done. Then signed off with i’ve marked this as solved.
So they’re marking things as solved when they’re not. This makes their KPI increase falsely and it does not bring attention to the devs.

This is WRONG on so many levels i can’t even. If i was pulling this kind of trick when i did support i’d quickly have found myself out of a job.

I eventually did fix my problem on my own, but that doesn’t excuse this kind of behaviour!

Also the average user is not going to do the massive list of troubleshooting steps they give you. It’s too much to ask. Especially when other games work just fine without them!


Indeed. I fully understand all games have teething problems but the QC team needs a crisis meeting, I wouldn’t dare sign off a job if it was as unfinished as this.

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Im going to lock this for the moment to prevent unneeded responses, however I want you to know Ive raised the issue of things being marked as solved when the customer (you ) feel it isnt.

Edit - ok, chased this up and it seems like bad wording, the ‘solved’ just means the team that deal with initial problems have looked at it and passed it on to the proper development team, so when you see solved it just means the main team have all the information they need to start properly working on a fix and that the issue has been properly flagged.

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