SuperKungen's *Stupid* Gallery - Updated September 4

So here are my best pictures so far. Only been playing this game a month now. It’s a fantastic game and the tools to create is awesome!
To view full images you can check out my gallery over here

UPDATE August 28:

UPDATE August 26:


Love this -

Great start!

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Thank you Nights Viper!

I like the deep lighting in this shot.

Updated with 5 images today!

Just bought the Lexus LFA. Nice car I think!

I quite like these shots!

Thank you Mikke121! It’s on my top 5 of the images I’m most proud of yet.

Not so stupid gallery I’d say. Love these 2 shots.

Love the Livery by the way!

Keep it up!


Just saw your sig. Love it!

Haha I just went with that name because I’m a newbie here. Thanks means a lot!

Yes, I experimented a little with that but I just thought it would look best in the center. Just went with my first reaction :slight_smile: Thank you for the feedback!

Made a new pain job for the Bugatti Veyron. Old School look :slight_smile:

Love the LFA shot! Nice paint too :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

While I like the colour tones and lighting in number 1, I feel the car should be moved away from the center since it would improve the shot.

Latest “porn” photo shoot:

…And a cone destroyer shot

Very nice!

Loving the LFA one!

Some shot’s of my custom painted Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2013. Go to my paint thread to see what to search for:

For being the new kid on the block. I see that you’re evolving quickly.

Especially liking this shot