Supercars: Best stretch to set/test Camper?

Heyas ^.^

Well, title says it all really o.O … where to go, to find the best area for setting up the perfect Camper / Caster tune ? …
also, is there some way of keeping a replay, that records the telemetry screen ? :S

REALLY new to the whole Forza brand, so… please do speak English for the non-initiated in terms of abbreviations and other slang, as i simply wont understand it… yet ^.^

For those who see me on the road… ya, i drive like crap, as im trying hard to set up my G29 for this game :S

I believe you mean wheel camber, not camper. From my experience the camber setup can vary greatly depending on which car and what you plan on doing with it. For me, street/road racing is generally around 3.0 front camber and 2.0 rear camber but that can change if the car is a bit loose in the corners. Castor is somewhere around 5.0 to 6.0.

Drifting is completely different where your camber and castor need to keep the wheel upright while at maximum wheel lock (opposite lock). Camber is much more aggressive where castor is lower.

Off road is where I tend to keep both values minimal, the physics engine this game uses doesn’t seem to represent the weight of a vehicle well when off road.

The best I can say is pick a place that you feel comfortable with (specific track layout or course, drift zone, etc.) and change your setup based on what you feel is a good starting point, run the course, and change your setting based on what your feel. It takes a long time to perfect a tune when your first starting out, but after a while you have a decent idea where a good starting point is for your settings and can tweak from there.

Good luck and most importantly, have fun!

In my opinion the best area for setting up/testing depends on your definition of “perfect tune”

For general/all-roundish tunes I just drive around randomly on whichever road surface the tune is for and fiddle with the tune by feel and live telemetry until it feels right, then usually fiddle with it a bit more.

But if “perfect tune” means smashing some leaderboards (or just trying to) you really have to tune for that specific track, using replay telemetry and comparing lap times. It might even be necessary to have multiply near identical tunes saved for that track so you can compare times and revert back if the changes hurt the lap time.

Heyas, and thanks for the answers ^.^
English, isn´t my native, so a few nono´s here and there will occur every now and then ^.^

So, as i understand it, the best thing to do, is to fall in love with a stretch, that mimics ones preferred play style, and go nuts on the settings from there ? :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for the replies ^.^

Yes, that’s pretty much it.

If you feel like translating, try this link. It has a pretty decent article on camber caster and toe written by a former Army engineer that is an amateur racer.