Super wheelspine situation

Hi. I would like to know what your super wheelspine situation looks like? I have premium versions and I get super wheelspine very rarely. I don’t want to use a glitch. I thought with the premium versions I would be getting super wheelspines a lot…

Two per week on friday.

I’ve had lots of them just by playing the game i.e. festival playlist, PR stunts, buying houses. That said I have bought about 10 Willy’s jeeps and got the super wheelspin with 5 skill points.

Must get some of those!

the jeep situation isnt a “glitch” its bad programming. they should have put the super wheelspin perk at the top of the tree, not 2nd line up. As far as super wheelspins, i tend to get about 5 or 6 a week, 2 from VIP and a few from maxing out different cars’ perks.

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