Super Trofeo rivals prize car not downloadable for family member

We both set clean laps and both were messaged that the car was available but only I, the main user, am able to see the prize car.

You still need to download the car on the other account from the inbox

Does not download. Tried restarting the console. No difference.

Did you try a hard reset not just turning off and on

Did both hard reset and pulled the plug for 10 seconds. Neither Week 1 or Week 2 cars will download. Selecting and pressing A does nothing.

Ten seconds probably isn’t enough. See this quote from Snowowl in the Thread before this one:

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No resolution? Four cars won, none were able to be downloaded.

I have a single account and today I have messages for cars in the ‘message centre’ that do not let me download when I press A. Like PaltryMoney4952 I have reset the console and nothing works. I have the Porsche expansion, would that cause any issues?

Hope someone has a solution before the cars suddenly disappear and cannot be collected.

My son is still waiting for the Huracan.

Have you set his privacy settings so he cannot download liveries etc - this also affects gifts.

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He is restricted to age 11 but it is moot anyway as the download option is gone.