Super GT (GT500 - GT300)

I was watching the english commentary of the 2019 Super GT season and I can say that I would definitely like to see more Super GT content arrive to Forza Motorsport especially with Tracks like Fuji Speedway or Autopolis or even Twin Ring Motegi and cars like the Lexus RCF GT3 or the Lexus LC500 GT500 and many other japanese tracks or GT3 and GT500 cars to come into Forza and give us more multi class endurance racing. Vote for these tracks and cars if you want them to come to Forza Motorsport

Plus I would like for both of the Lexus’s to come into Forza. The LC500 with the Kobelco Denso Livery and as for the RCF GT3 any livery will suffice even the Vasser Sullivan in IMSA as long as we can get the RCF GT3 in Forza Motorsport

LC500 GT500:

SUPER GT300 livery samples:

Vasser Sullivan From IMSA: