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@Berniev666 - What was the tune you used? Love a Focus.

I used the Hoonigan focus non welcome pack stock. Increased the diff locks and more gear as it was topped out. It won all three on highly skilled without too much trouble. I’m not a huge fan of cross country or rally monsters especially at S1 so the rest was a bit more enjoyable.

You know, it occurred to me that the weekly Forzathon and the “Old Habits Die Hard” championship both require cars from the Vintage Racers category. All of those cars are either 10 million CR at the autoshow, or exclusives that need to be won or made available somehow. And none of them are up as prizes or in the Forzathon shop this week, or available from Backstage pass. We also have an influx of new users on Steam who probably don’t have the CR to afford one yet, or unlock the one Barn Find that qualifies, which requires you to buy a 15 million CR castle.

Which means new players from Steam are basically shut out from a huge portion of the playlist this week, unless they can grind enough CR, or find one cheap on the Auction house.

I don’t think this is a huge problem. The seasonal championship has the Regera as the prize car, which you can get from the AH for around 300k credits if you buy one out. So people aren’t missing out on much there. I never personally do the weekly forzathon, but that’s probably more of a problem for new players who are more likely to have things they don’t own on offer in the forzathon shop. What will really be annoying for them is the high price of things in forzathon points, due to the way prices have been increased as the player base has accumulated more and more points, so there will probably be many new players grinding forzathon live events.

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Interesting point.
It just occured to me, that I had a few dublicate ‘Vintage Racers’ sitting in my garrage. Three of them. So I put them in the auction house for the minimum price (its not like I need more money).
The first was sold before I put the second up. The second was sold before I put the third one up. The third one sold when I got the cash for the first one.
Maybe I made someone happy.


Great idea, i def have some duplicates that can be put up at minimum price

Five Vintage Racers put up at minimum price, gone within minutes :slight_smile:

I put 4 up yesterday myself, and they all went almost instantly.

I used a Lotus Esprit for the Trial. First race I got back to third after being blasted off the road and stopped perpendicular to the track. Otherwise it went well.

Games were fun with the tank of a Bentley. Fast and reasonably controllable.

Ferrari 488 GTB handled the redline rockets. It’s a fun car that doesn’t need the Forza wing. It was run on unbeatable.

I used the Napier Railton for the next championship. It isn’t an autoshow car but seems well populated in the auctions still. I noticed it is a weekly Forzathon car and one of the requirements is 3 podiums. I worked through the first tasks and used this championship for the fourth, consistently finishing 10 to 20 seconds ahead of the unbeatable drivatars. This tune works well for racing and games when a vintage racer is required.

I mentioned above that I used a Focus for the last championship. Stock with minimal tuning to the diffs and final drive ratio. This was just on highly skilled to get through it. The rest was on unbeatable.

I used the same B700 Railton for the weekly car. Starting with a blueprinted race at Glen Rannoch Trail. It has lots of switchbacks allowing fairly easy drifting with or without using the ebrake. It also 3 stars the Astmoor speed camera and then double duty with the championship.

The stunts all handled with a 98 Supra rally tune. A couple of attempts for the speed challenges and then a single pass through the castle and jump. It’s titled Winter Rally but I use it all the time for stunts, Forzathon Live and general messing around.

Here are the tunes I used with share codes. I usually find it easier to search by name though:
Trial: 2002 Lotus Esprit, Road Race, 180 353 749
Games: 17 Bentley, Railyard Games, 497 670 493
15 Ferrari 488 GTB, Road Race, 348 739 111
Napier Railton, Games and Race, 118 344 904
98 Supra, Winter Rally, 609 842 300

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After getting booted out of the Live sessions 3 times, (one of the two times I was in Games in a Jag and had even completed the 3:1 win before getting booted!!!) out of the blue I ran into IngoingCake8592 on my 4th attempt before he was booted from the session during the second game. We ended up winning the round 3:0 and (finally) collecting the prize, but not the way I want to win over fellow racers.

What is up with the servers?

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Took me three tries to get Games done because of disconnects. Trial went without a hitch. Well, connection-wise anyway. lol

So you saw me in my Bentley…the only non-white car on my team. Sorry I couldn’t stay in the game…I like when I meet up with other forum members “organically.” lol

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Yeah, I saw your Bentley (gold colored I think.) During the game session we “organically” shared, I’m pretty sure I was in my 2012 Jaguar XKR-S with a #17 purple puzzle (Autism Awareness) livery or it was the last time I used my “Arrest-me-red” 2007 Alpha 8C Competizione (I used that one the first two failed attempts where I was booted) assuming you saw me.

It was too bad you got booted during that session because everyone was being reasonably competitive and not bumper-car-idiots, and then they all started being dropped making it a lopsided affair. At least this time I lasted long enough after we won to receive the prize where the session before I was booted right at the winning line up… and no prize was awarded.

Hmm, might have been the red one, I’d have remembered the Autism one. I have three cars done up with that theme myself. Care to share the code?

Ouch, too real, too real. People around here have documented the number of times you get pulled over in a red car vs other colors…it’s astounding. The Bentley was my attempt to make a bronze. I have a few other tries at it with varied success.

In the last session I ran, the one that finally took, we got blown out. During Survival, I made 3/4’s of a loop around the railyard and was the last one already. Like everyone else got tagged in about a minute. That’s either really sad or downright impressive…lol. Then again, half of my team was untuned…so yeah. Tough class / event combo to go in untuned.

121 759 718 - Race 4 Autism - TheTurboFan

Hello All,

----Firstly, I seem to have some sort of bug related to tuner/painter influence, as I am getting downloads, yet the influence does not shift at all - been at least two weeks of this - certainly is a problem on tuner and painter, maybe photographer too, not sure for others - not a problem is seems on the race type influence, as they are giving out wheelspins (all maxed out on races) regularly. I could find no useful information, so putting it here if anyone knows more - it does seem this is an existing problem - but again no useful info, whether for cause or possible fix.

And now, cars/tunes/suggestions for some of this weeks seasonal events for those that find such useful. All tunes are my own, unless otherwise noted, all shared by myself (or others). ~ tune name / share code. If you use anything offered here, and you like it/it was useful to you, please don’t forget to leave a like.

**Trial: “Team Lotus” | Road Racing | (A800) Lotus
**Car used: 1971 Lotus Elan Sprint (Autoshow 57,000 Cr)
**Tune: A800 Road / 299 110 936

Might be just my luck, don’t see anyone else mentioning it - today, far two many of the ‘teammate, what teammate crowd’ were in the Trial. My first though was new players via Steam, but on a second look all the rammers I encountered were prestige one or great, in other words people who should know better! No doubt on the ramming been on purpose, had a few on straight runs, no issue passing only to have my teammate turn and push me off the track. Lotus Elan, easy to drive, quick of the line, with good speed through corners, however slightly low on the top-end (race results in successful Trial - 11th due to teammate, (12th was that teammate in question, who I passed even after needing to do a u-turn to grab a check point), 1st, 1st for first 3rd of race, 2nd until last quarter, 4th overall (A.I. in 2nd/3rd). On the first two events beating the A.I. is easy, (provided your friendly teammate does not run you off the road), in the Goliath top-end causes problems, add in typical A.I. “I can keep up with you, yet not have the speed to pass, but if passing opportunity presents itself, suddenly I am multiple Km/h faster than you” and you get the idea. Top speed is 238km/h (and what ever in miles), which if you are looking at tunes/cars, it would be worth considering this as the minimum top speed needed to do okay in the Trial. Tune is AWD, Forza aero, with race tires.

**Seasonal Playground Games | Railyard | (A800) GT Cars
**Car used: 2017 Bentley Continental Super Sport (Autoshow 200,000 Cr)
**Tune: A800 Games RY / 118 737 510

Driving the tank. Really good acceleration and speed, corners well, but not quickly, aim wide when changing direction. Tune has no aero, AWD as standard, with rally suspension running standard/stock tires.

PR Stunts:

  • Derwent Water Speed Zone, 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor - ‘A800 CC Offroad’ (138 009 364), took a few tires, mostly about working out the best tactic for the two bends, running from the north, over the hill straight into the start point (best way to aviod bend on the road leading in),
  • Moorhead Wind Farm Speed Trap, 2019 Rimac Concept Two - ‘PR Stunt Rally’ (120 633 544), traffic, first non traffic run got it, starting on the uphill,
  • Bamburgh Castle Danger Sign, 2019 Rimac Concept Two - ‘PR Stunt Rally’ (120 633 544), remove objects in the way, start at castle wall with straight run to ramp, hope for no random uncalled for sideways motion due to terrain, done.

Solo championships - Raced against Expert, Steering: Simulation, ABS: on, Traction/Stability: Off, Gearbox: Auto.

**Championship: “Forest Monsters” | Cross Country | (S1 900) Rally Monsters
**Car used: 1980 Renault 5 Turbo FE (Forza Edition)
**Tune: S1 Games / 127 161 098

Race for the new car, and also to get this annoying one out of the way. Again like the recent rally cars in cross country event, we have unsuited cars running cross country - the devs creating these really need to actually be made to sit down and prove they can do these events, if everything is supposedly aimed at the ‘average’ player, these events are off the mark. Anyway, on with the show, first the circuit race is a breeze, the sprint races less so, too many breakables to deal with if you are in the lead - giving the A.I. ghosting thought the same things a huge advantage (note the easier circuit race has next to no breakables to deal with). Car/tune is twitchy, needs find control into and out of corners if ‘offroad’, is okay in the few dirt/tarmac areas, quite quick once out of the first few gears (wheelspin). Can beat A.I. on expert (my difficulty), can not make promises on higher difficulty settings, races were ‘competitive’. Tune is AWD, Forza aero, mudflaps, hood/bonnet with two lights, rally tires. Yes, tune says ‘games’, no need to worry, it suits cross country as I give greater ground clearance in game tunes vs. typical rally tunes.


Same here. I noticed it in blueprinter initially about the same time a few people pointed out the Star Card business earnings weren’t accruing. I get the influence when the tune or livery is shared or when I complete my own blueprinted race only. Community activity doesn’t seem to register. I hope they correct it. Business earnings are needed for the 812 Superfast. I just have blueprinter left, it’s going slowly…

So not just me, that is something - not a good something, but something nevertheless.
So after doing the photo challenge today it did update, so I also checked a tune, and it also updated, so seems it is much the same as you, community activity is not adding influence - I am getting downloads (even since yesterday, no change in influence, although have downloads), getting the messages for such, so should be updating however slowly it creeps along (was previously!)

I get business earnings, although have the star cards finished, so no idea if any other issue with that.

Any known fixes out there?

Hello again,

Cars/tunes/suggestions for this weeks seasonal for those that find such useful. All tunes are my own, unless otherwise noted, all shared by myself (or others). ~ tune name / share code. If you use anything offered here, and you like it/it was useful to you, please don’t forget to leave a like.

Solo continued:
**Championship: “Redline Rockets” | Street Scene | (S1 900) Italy; Modern Supercars
**Car used: 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV (Autoshow 500,000 Cr)
**Tune: S900 Road / 155 922 889

Standard street scene, just without the rain thankfully, and it seems more traffic, or just me? Leads were slightly fast in my races, yet catching them was doable with car/tune, once passed winning was not difficult. Tune has race tires, Forza aero, and AWD as standard/stock.

**Championship: “Old Habits Die Hard” | Road Racing | (B700) Vintage Racers
**Car used: 1926 Bugatti Type 35 C (Autoshow 10,000,000 Cr)
**Tune: B700 Road / 107 983 782

Like the above event, leads seemed to get a slight boost (in this case could be due to A.I making passing difficult by weaving over the roadin all the races in this event), although were not difficult to catch over all. Once cuaght, win was easy. Tune behaves well, no unexpected behavior, can handle quite good speed in corners considering tire size. Tune is AWD. race tires, no aero, as no option.

Have fun.

What engine did you use for your Elan, as mine with I6, race tires, all other upgrades, except front aero, reaches 270 kph in straight line and just touches red line?

No engine swap, so whatever is standard for it - should be anyway unless I missed something when posting (see below), system off at moment, will update if incorrect.

I am reasonably certain the tune only reached 238km/h flat-out on the red-line during the Goliath coming through and around Edinburgh - unless I recall incorrectly.

I usually don’t engine swap, and I note it in the post if I do (as some don’t like swaps, others may not like the sound of certain engines, or even so someone could make their own tune using the major parts I mention in my tune),