Summer Community Championship II unavailable

Hi, when i try to do the Community Championship it says the content is unavailable, i found this thread but i don’t now what or how to do a hard reset.

Press xbox power button so long that xbox turns off and then start xbox and it should work, at least that is what i did.

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Forgot to say that i’m on pc :open_mouth:

Hard reset is power off and restart rather than just close down the game and restart.
Check in the store that there are no outstanding downloads

Just downloaded the patch, updated windows and restarted the pc, but that didn’t help :confused:

I have the same problem, I’m on the pc too

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Same here.

My game is in Portuguese.

ps: I already rebooted the PC and did not have any updates available in the store.

I opened a topic in the support section earlier: LINK HERE

Grottvik, are you a non english install? Wondering if it is language related. Translation causing a file identification error?

I have the game in english

Okay. Darn, that means is something more unusual. So restarted game, and computer and updated.

Something I did when I logged in, cannot remember why I did it, but I was in windows store and even though the update had downloaded, it didn’t actually install. Have you tried heading to the window store and seeing if the update is under the “ready to install”?