Suggestions for my next expensive car

I am looking to buy a multi million credit race car from the autoshow. any suggestions? I am thinking about a mclaren p1, ferrari fxx k, lambo sesto elemento or any koenigsegg.

I’d just go for all. :slight_smile:
Actual challenge was/is to have all cars, with only one owner.

If you just continue to play, you will end up with more cars than you can use (i’ve maxed out and now have to dump a bunch). A lot of the really good cars are specialty and you can only win them. If you finish the weekly challenges, you will end up with a few cars each week (some very nice ones). I’d buy some stuff to try and win the weekly challenges. That said, my favorite fast car for driving are later model lambos (have a couple that work well), the Mosler MT900 was my favorite for speed traps and now use the Ferrari FXX Evo (not the normal one) for speed traps and most jumps (which is not available at the shop). Also, just because it’s expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fun to drive.

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@ViperousRhyme84 How do you get the Ferrari fxx k evo? Is it a conversion or special areo kit for the regular fxx k?

have a look in backstage pass or auction house
its its own car