Suggestion for modification to the Event Trending system

There is a lot of very good work on events (100s of hours spent on new maps) that are never seen because the trending system does not show them. Many of the events shown in Trending are quickly thrown together to get the accolade. This results in events that at 100 yards long being shown to users, while an event where a user created an entire city is never seen.

As a player, I want to see the events that were hard work, I don’t care about 0s drag races.

This could be fixed by having the trending system bias toward the number of props used in the map. A map that is at 97% of the allowed props took a lot more work to build than something that used 1%.

Also, the system in FH4 worked better for publicizing events. The FH5 system uses something combining likes and plays (and even then it is opaque, since I have events with more likes and plays that are still invisible, while events with less are publicized). In FH4 you could at least play your even a few dozen times to get it visible to other players and let them decide for themselves.