Suggested driving line problem

When i am in test drive or race my driving line does not appear on the track , Yes i do have it on in the options menu. the only time i can see it is in multiplayer, any suggestions?

Did you checked the mod-slots ???

Any ‘no driving line mod’ (purple) … ?

Because ‘mods’ can be used almost everywhere, except in multiplayer.

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Thank you!!! I didn`t realize that it could be a mod , I just bought Forza 6 and started buying cars and loading old tunes . I thought it would just turn on like Forza 5.

¡De nada!

I checked my mod slots , however I dont see any no driving line mods , Do I need to acummulate more mods before it becomes available?

The Driving line will not show in test drive nor will any other mod. Mods will only be in affect as far as I know in free play, career or showcases. Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Thank you!! I see it not going to work Like I thought!!!

it’s a setting in assists

the mod he was referring to forces you to drive without it…if there’s nothing in your mod slots it’s not what is causing you not to have the driving line
check your assists…there’s 3 options…full, braking and off