Suddenly the cars are steering very weird

Today the cars suddenly started to steer from side to side.
I tried different controllers ( I use X1X / 4k-3pdps )
When i try to make slight adjustments the car steer the front wheel a lot. I checked and reset the setting … Restarted game and console, but still the same, cars can’t be controlled. Any idea’s?

Very strange… I disconnected from forza live and that solved this… How can lag have influence on my car

That’s interesting. I noticed I suddenly had trouble controlling some cars after being able to drive mostly not bad, but figured I was just getting tired, or had to get used to new cars, or tune them better or something. It never occurred to me that the problem might be with the game and not with me. I’ll have to try this later.

I have definitely experienced this: laggy car control. I’m not using any enhancements on my TV and it is an 8ms panel. It could be down to tuning or the updated physics model. May take getting used to.