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No we did not, unless you’re speaking of the “modified” designs, where the colours and fonts are kept the same, but the words are just changed.

As far as losing the right to create tobacco/alcohol (and even energy drink) liveries: I’m guessing we’re pretty safe for a reason that seems strange: the loss of the AH/SF.

Please bear with me, here.

I have a feeling that when either Forza paid to have some manufacturers included as “stock” vinyls or manufacturers paid to have their vinyls included, one of the parties (or perhaps both) started to get angry that the UC vinyls were getting more “screen time” than the ones that paid/were paid to be in the game. Thus, the ability to make fake money off our UC was cut, to keep the paid-for-content parties happy. Not to sound crass, but I think the main reason we’d lose the right to create vinyls is money, not morals. As long as we aren’t making money – fake or otherwise – off our creations, we’re all good.

For that reason, I’m confident that out decals/liveries are safe, as long as they stay within reason (no “free candy” vans, etc.).

Forza 4

That’s so weird; every version except the FM4 one – which I didn’t check before posting my orginal comment – has “Porsche Racing” instead of “Rothman’s Racing”. Still, you did say “titles” as opposed to “title”…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m hoping it is a trademark owners decision not to be included in livery designs then it doesn’t feel so much like big brother watching. If it was T10 decision you could argue why they are not paying attention to the obesity argument.

In territories like the UK/EU many countries now have blanket bans on tobacco advertising that children will see. In shops we have cigarettes locked in a shuttered cupboard behind the stores cashier, and cigarettes themselves are about to made to have blank packets. All in aid of ensuring children don’t see them. It’s ridiculous as people are made to smoke outside in the UK, so kids see people smoking everywhere. But that is the law, so for Turn 10 to keep their coveted E - Everyone rating they have to remove these things. There’s nothing stopping people making these vinyls and liveries as that is fair use and not illegal, but as the developer Turn 10 have to respect the laws of various countries. It’s easier for them to remove all offending items and lets players add them back in if they want them.


Okay, My bad Frost. Been working 16 hour days lately. Puts you on edge.