Subaru WRX 2020-2021 GYMKHANA 2020 Vt20g Airslayer

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Travis Pastrana Subaru WRX Airslayer 2020-2021


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Ah yes, the VT20g… The star car of Gymkhana 2020, this 862 bhp monster of a car was built in for two purposes: to show off and shred in Travis Pastrana’s hometown, and to go fast on the Mt Washington Hillcimb, where it set a new record at the time in 2021!

Vermont SportsCar really know their way around Subarus, and this, their ARX Supercar (the VT21x) and their previously featured rally machine (the VT15r) really show it. I love the way their cars handle in Forza, too, so it’d be very cool to see the Airslayer, too!

I wonder how I would imagine it being categorised in game… It has the rally suspension just like its siblings, but its primary purpose was to be a monster on hillclimb as well as slaying tires in a showy fashion. Would it still be a Rally Monster, or more like an Extreme Track Toy? Either way, that’s a lot of downforce, thanks to the fixed aero… Perhaps I’d base its performance more on being a hillclimber than a showy, AWD drift car, but that’s just me, personally.


I love this car. Pls pls please add this…

Yes!! I would love to see both of Travis’ Hoonigan Subarus!

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